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This event was held on 2020.10.26 (Mon).

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Cuon, Streaming The Blue “Caeli” #2
10.26 (Mon) ⇨ 10.29 (Thu) | Online Streaming

Cuon, Streaming The Blue “Caeli” #2

  • date_range 10.26 (Mon) 22:00 ⇨ 10.29 (Thu) 23:00

▶ 概要
Cuonが実施している配信空間 “Connect Live『WAVE』”の、
ふたつめの試行空間、“Streaming The Blue『Caeli』”の第二弾である。

※ “Streaming The Blue『Caeli』”は収録ライブの配信となります。

▶︎ 日程
10.26(Mon) 22:00開演/22:15開始
OPEN/22:00 START/22:15 END/23:00

1,500円 + ZAIKO手数料

▶︎ Story
〜Coming Soon〜

▶︎ Cuon Profile

活動は今年4月より、配信ライブ「Connect Live “WAVE”」を実施しており、

「Good Night Lullaby」(グッナイララバイ)も始動しており、

Cuon comes from the Japanese word “久遠 (kuon)”, mean everlasting, eternal, and brings you the concept of “Escapism”, the want to turn your gaze from reality and wish for eternity, to create a place for you and you only.

Cuon began her activities in June of 2017, based out of Tokyo and the Kanto region. In 2020, she began pushing her presence through streaming music and performances online. Up until now, Cuon has released 11 singles, and 5 albums (mini albums included), all based in the electro genre. As of April of this year, she began a stream live series called 「Connect Live “WAVE”」, and in July created a new virtual live performance space called “Caeli”. Be sure to check out her streams (check out the “events” section for more info).

As of May, Cuon’s works began streaming in mainland China via HiFIVE.
In June, a HiTalk interview showcasing her release “amnesia” was featured on HiFive. In August, new single “Merrow” was released. Cuon also has some more great things in the works in store for you!

In addition, Cuon also designs “Good Night Lullaby”, a project of original goods, with the concept of “what’s seen in one’s dreams”.

▶︎ Link
・Cuon オフィシャルサイト

・Cuon YouTubeチャンネル





【Important Notes】
・This performance will be performed on the Internet.
・Email will be sent when you purchase a ticket. Please check the e-mail with the browsing instructions.
・Internet communication costs for browsing will be borne by the customer.
・We recommend using stable Internet environment (Wi-Fi) to view the stream.
・We will do our best to ensure clear, uninterrupted quality in the stream, but please understand that due to the characteristics of distribution, there is a possibility that unexpected suspension or disturbance may occur.
・Stream time may vary slightly.
・The stream URL can be viewed only with the purchased ZAIKO ticket - it cannot be accessible by anyone but the ticket purchaser.
・If you enter the stream during the middle of its broadcast, you can only watch it from that point - you cannot rewind during distribution. However, you play it in entirety during the video archive period.
・Please refresh the stream page 5 minutes before the show starts.
・CVS Payment will end 5 days before the event sales end date.

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