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This event was held on 2020.12.19 (Sat).

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女声アンサンブル「ルーチェ」のクリスマスコンサート 2020

  • date_range 12.19 (Sat) 14:00 ⇨ 01.02 (Sat) 16:00

2020年12月19日(土)14:00 配信開始


  Dancing Day(ダンシング・デイ)

 It came upon the midnight clear(真夜中に響く賛美)
  Alte Weihnachtslied(古いクリスマスのうた)
  O come, o come, Emmanuel(来たれ救い主よ)他

  The Silver Swan(銀色の白鳥)
  The Nightingale(ナイチンゲール)他

  Weep you no more(もう泣かないで)



-公演内容に関するお問い合わせは、 までお願いいたします。

【Important Notes】
・This performance will be performed on the Internet.
・Email will be sent when you purchase a ticket. Please check the e-mail with the browsing instructions.
・Internet communication costs for browsing will be borne by the customer.
・We recommend using stable Internet environment (Wi-Fi) to view the stream.
・We will do our best to ensure clear, uninterrupted quality in the stream, but please understand that due to the characteristics of distribution, there is a possibility that unexpected suspension or disturbance may occur.
・Stream time may vary slightly.
・The stream URL can be viewed only with the purchased ZAIKO ticket - it cannot be accessible by anyone but the ticket purchaser.
・If you enter the stream during the middle of its broadcast, you can only watch it from that point - you cannot rewind during distribution. However, you play it in entirety during the video archive period.
・Please refresh the stream page 5 minutes before the show starts.
・CVS Payment will end 5 days before the event sales end date.

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